Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The good, the bad and the scary

Ok, the good. Benny (I'm calling him Oscar at the moment) is doing well. He's putting on weight, and while his blood sugars aren't amazing, he's putting on weight, so that is a step in the right direction. I posted his first BG reading was in the 200s, well I then realized it was reading European, so it was in the 20s. I found the 'American' bg by multiplying by 18 (hun? what? whatever) and he was in the 400s. Bgs then settled into the 200 range. has been there ever since. I'm going to do a curve on him this weekend. He's finally sleeping on the bed, and jumps up on the chair, and generally is a pain in the butt cat. I also believe he's feeling better because he is starting to groom himself. I haven't seen it yet, but he definitely has less flea dirt on him!

The bad. Buttercup has a swollen chin. I brought her to the shelter this morning and they aren't concerned. Didn't give me any special instructions, just told me to watch it. Um.. ok. But I've been watching it get bigger for the past couple of days, just couldn't put my finger on why she looked different. But I'll watch it for a few more days and see what happens. Since Weslee has severe flea allergies and I saw fleas on her still (FL'd her three weeks ago) I asked that they frontline her again. couldn't hurt.

The Scary. Yesterday when I went down to spend time with the kittens, I saw the younger fosters playing in the cage so I ignored them will I gave Buttercup some attention. She LOVES attention (just don't hold her) and can't get enough of it. DH came down with my dinner, and after sitting with me for a few minutes noticed one of the babies in the cage was just sitting off by itself. Dehydrated, and pretty unresponsive, I was sure he was done for. I quickly finished off my dinner while my DH patted it and tried to get it to gain some interest in life. Wasn't happening though. I put some Karo syrup in it's mouth, and it just kinda oozed out the other side. I stimulated him vigorously, and warmed up some KMR and tried to force 10 ccs in him. Some how I got in 5 or 6. All he wanted to do was sleep. I put my hand on his chest to feel him breathe, and then wrapped him up in a towel and put him under my sweater to try to keep him warm. I was so sure I was fighting a losing battle (especially after what happened to Cupcake) but I wasn't going to not fight.. when I realized his breathing was stable, I let him sleep. He started having nursing dreams (OMG that is cute!!) so I rushed him back into the kitchen and warmed up more KMR and got 6ccs right in him. He was then feisty and with it, and playing. He didn't want to be held any more, so I figured he wanted a litter box, and I put him back with his sibs. He started playing and eating!! I went up to test Oscar, and checked in on him with the web cam, and saw him being a general pain happy kitten. I went down later and checked in on him and he bit me, attacked my shirt, and started grooming!! yes!

So this morning at the shelter he got some fluids. I was going to bring him to work, but he was so full of himself, I figured I'd be chasing after him all day, so I left him at home. I just checked in on him and he was in the mayhem that is kitten play! Man was that a scare!

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