Monday, September 22, 2008

I haz a happiness!

Well I took the orphans in on Sunday to be tested. They are still quite tiny, but they did the test and they came back negative, so I introduced them to Buttercup and Weslee.

Weslee was NOT amused. These street tough kids were all rough and tumble. They were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Had no idea where they were going, they were just thrilled to be able to be running. They ran over Wes, and she'd hiss and spit at them. It was just too funny. When they would calm a bit, she'd walk toward them, but then they would turn to face her and she'd hiss again. Just made me laugh so hard. They tired her out too, she fell asleep in the middle of the room!

Buttercup is just a kitten herself. She wanted so much to play with the kittens, but didn't know them, so she was very cautious. So I tried to work out some of her play energy with some toys. She LOVED it. but then the kits started to get involved and she stopped. They would jump on her, bite her tail, and just be silly kittens. She just looked confused. After two hours, the kittens showed no sign of slowing down, but everyone seemed to be fine with one another, so we went to bed.

This morning, they wanted to love on me. I'm so excited to go home tonight. I'm going to spend all night in their room :)

The web cam is running. I took these photos this morning. Think the kittens are happy to be out of the cage? (can you see the one hanging on the cat condo in that first image?)

Benny is doing well. She's still putting on weight. and at the end of last week was holding her on insulin wise. There were quite a few shots in a row where she didn't need any.. maybe things are looking up for her in that respect? we can hope. I told the shelter of her appetite, and they sent me home with some dewormer. I hope that settles things down a bit, as she's always hungry..

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