Friday, September 26, 2008

space assassin kittens

no.. seriously. I had a dream last night. I was in space. I needed some help fighting a battle of some sort, so I ended up in a place where I could get assassin kitties. no.. really. There were two different sets to pick from. One was a group of younsters, the other was a mother with kittens. I think I was leaning toward the mother, thinking she'd be more protective, and worst case, I'd have kittens.

Then I woke up.

don't ask. just enjoy the visual. Ninja type kitties, but real kitties. in space :)

yes, I'm weird.

I brought the kittens to work today. They are being very good. the bulk of them are on my boss' desk. I have Googley Bear here and she's chewing my elbow at the moment. She's so freakin cute. I wonder if they aren't some mutant dwarf kittens since they are so very very small. at six weeks this kitten isn't any bigger than a CD when she's all curled up. But they are healthy.. *shrug* we'll see what happens!

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