Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dropping Skippy off

Well that was hard. I was so certain because he has always shown so much confidence that he'd be fine going back, but he wasn't.

It very much felt like a mom dropping off her clinging child on his first day of school.

he reacted badly to the ferrets that we were 5 feet away from, and he reacted badly to the other kittens that were there. They keep the kitten cages in a hallway, and in the AM they let the kittens run the halls. Well I went in there with the skipster and held him to see what he wanted to do. He cowered into my lap and hissed at the other kittens. I tried to get him to join in the play, and he just scrambled to get back on to my lap.

We tried him in an adult room, and he seemed ok in there until one of the younger cats started stalking him and cornered him.

So we put him back in the hall and put the bully orange kitty in the adult room. I put Skippy inside the open cage, and left him. I know he just has to get used to thing and he will be fine.

I also just got an email from the shelter saying he isn't neutered. For some reason when they shaved him down and cath'ed him for the infection they didn't neuter him. I asked earlier in the week if they wanted to double check, and I was told he was neutered, and I thought he was, but apparently he wasn't. Soooo, he goes to the vet tomorrow.

Poor Skippy. He's not having a good day.

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  1. I just raised up my first foster kitten. She is a runt who needed a month to gain weight in order to get spayed and become adoptable. I just dropped her off at the shelter this morning and feel very sad and guilty, even though I know it's the right thing to do. We could have chosen to keep her and adopt her out of the house but our three adult cats are high maintenance medical cases and seemed to be suffering the intrusion into their home poorly. The spare room we were keeping her in was quite small but a palace compared to a cage in the shelter. Our thinking was that at the shelter she'd be more visible and have a better chance at quick adoption. She's incredibly confident and fantastic, thus I feel very guilty. Do you have any advice?


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