Monday, July 20, 2009

It's time


I think this is the second hardest return I've ever done with a foster kitten. The first being Jack - and I ran into the shelter and got him the next day. Skip is headed back tomorrow morning.

Skippy is such an uber special little boy. I've never known a kitten so cuddly, so gentle, so playful, so happy, etc. Ok ok.. Fleurp was pretty freaking special too, but she was not as cuddly as Skip. He'll sit with me for ... if not hours a very long time in kitty time... then he'll go play or watch the kittens for a bit and then come back to me and cuddle some more. I pick him up, and he snuggles into my neck.

He deserves the absolute best home ever. Mine is pretty darn close, but with seven cats I know I could not give him the attention he needs. Muffin takes up my lap most of the time, followed by Twee. Jack takes up my nights, and Ollie takes up the afternoon/evening shift. DH is usually covered by Kit if not her then Twee.

I want someone who stays home a lot and loves to read or watch TV (so a lap is available) to take him. I want someone who understands or is willing to understand that dry food is evil and that going outdoors is just wrong. I know *hangs head*, I know.. But this is what I want. I can only pray that just the right home comes for him - what ever form that takes, and he is happy for a VERY long time.

Most of my fosters I am ok with passing on to new owners. I love them while I have them, and then let go. Some stick with me. I fear Skippy will be cuddled around my heart for years and years to come. The more that are there, the harder it is for me to let new ones in. I get burnt out quicker each year.

I am going to have to remember to not take only kittens any more..

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