Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happiness and Joy

Sometimes I just don't care because I know deep down if I do care I am in SERIOUS trouble. Such as the case with Happiness and Joy.

They are STILL at the shelter.

They are regressing even further. They are not getting the one on one attention they deserve. They are absolutely beautiful cats, but there are so many absolutely beautiful cats at the shelter who are out and begging for attention, that getting them a home is going to be a lot of work. Work I can not do as I have a job.

When I went to the shelter this morning I went to visit them. I just sat there crying patting Happy because I knew the chances. They would make wonderful pets and would make someone VERY happy if they had the time and the drive to work with them for a bit. I can't imagine it would take more than a month to get them settled into being pets. But sitting in the shelter they are turning in to wild cats. The manager is considering releasing them into a barn. It kills me to think they will lose their ability to enjoy human companionship. But at least (one way or the other) they will have each other. I've never seen a pair so bonded.

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