Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what the grrrrr did you do to me!!

Well Ollie is home.  and man is he grumpy.  He took a moment to realize he was home, then he jumped out of the carrier fairly easily, but walking in a straight line was a bit of an issue for him.  He growled at everyone he came in contact with, and even eventually me.  He looks horrid, almost looks like they took off a leg all together if he's walking and you are behind him.  Guess that is the curse of being a long haired kitty.  I eventually decided that he deserved not to feel harassed (even if no one was harassing him) so I put him back in the carrier and put that in the office and closed the door.  In about an hour I'll let him out into that room with some food and a nice bed, and I'll go check on him in another hour or so.

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