Monday, September 28, 2009

limping kitten

Well this evening I went in to feed the kittens and Lulu, and all four kitties were by the door waiting for me.  I went in and sat near the feeding station to feed them, when I realized First appeared to be standing funny.  I picked him up and looked him over and he seemed fine, but he seemed reluctant to put all four feet on my lap, so I put him down on the ground, and he immediately held up his right front foot.  I picked him up again for a closer look at that foot, and it does not appear to be swollen, nor is it overly hot nor cold, and he didn't cry out when I felt for broken bones.

I realized I fed them in a hurry this morning and might not have seen them.  DH who fed them last night said First was hiding behind the couch - which is totally unlike him as he has always been a social butterfly and DH really wouldn't have noticed that.  So there is a good chance he could have hurt himself sometime on Sunday.

I feel bad that a) he hurt himself and that b) I might not have known for over 24 hours.

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