Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skippy Update

Man, I can't believe it has been since the 8th since I posted about him.

Ok, as I mentioned he spent the one night night with us. I moved him back into the bathroom the next morning, but shortly there after DH said Skippy should spend the night with us again.. so I ended up moving him over to the bedroom full time. There is another bathroom off the bedroom where I keep his litter box and feed him, so I am able to lock him away while we spend quality time with our own cats. Sometimes we sleep with Skippy, sometimes we sleep with the crew.. I end up feeling guilty no matter which option I choose because both are able to give me the biggest guilt trips..

Skip did worse this time with his cold. Last time it cleared up with in the week, but three days later he became congested again.. Now he's been on medication two weeks before it cleared up. I've decided I'm going to keep him on meds for a week after it clears - which was Sunday. He still HATES to be pilled, but if I do a football hold, and use something yummy to wash it all down with I can do it reasonably quickly (and I must be quick, because he starts trying to spit the pill out the second I put it in) He's not eating as much as I'd like him to, but currently I have less than ideal food. Even Lulu doesn't much approve (although my own cats are MORE than happy to help take care of any left overs..) I'm hoping there is something better at the shelter tomorrow.. or I'm going to have to go buy something for them. I wish I could feed him the raw that we feed our own cats, but I do not want to spoil him on it. I know it is best for him, but I can't know what his new owners are willing to feed, so I have to keep him open to the foods most likely to be fed. I know he loves it, because one day when he hadn't eaten for a while and I was getting really nervous, we offered him some, and he chowed down on it!!

He is a little escape artist now that he's feeling better. Keeping him in that room while there are other kitties to play with is a chore. I've let him run around a couple of times - mostly to help him work off some kitten energy but also because he likes it so. He often will go visit Bri (the rabbit). The other day he was so funny, he ran up to her, patted her gently on the head, then ran inside her cage and stalked her from in there while she was on the outside. I couldn't help but wonder what on earth was going through his mind :) Yesterday I was home alone because DH had an overnight for work, and he escaped. He ran around for a while, but I lost track of him. When I went to round him up, I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I gave up and figured I'd check again in 20 minutes, so I went to bed and sat down for a bit. I was all comfy in bed before I realized Skippy was sitting there waiting for me. We spent the next hour cuddling before my cats got all too vocal that dinner hadn't been served yet (I had shut the door when I realized we were alone) He still LOVES to cuddle, loves to curl up in my neck and purr..

I so want.. but honestly seven cats is probably one or two too many - especially now that Ollie most likely needs surgery again.. They fit, they make a nice little happy pack, but they are a financial responsiblity, and I think it would be reckless of me to keep him.

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