Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 6.5

Sorry they are late, I haven't been feeling well.

This would be Lillie the mom.  ( I went to the shelter during the week and told the foster coordinater the names and sexes of the kittens, she made a few changes in spelling and over-rode the girl's name)
This would be the girl.  Originally called Bastet, now called Shakira.  It was quite humorous tonight as she did not have time to have her photo taken.  She just wanted to play.

This is Marty.  Marty has turned out to be one outgoing little boy.  When I took him to work during the week, he was all out and about interacting with the staff.  The girl and Rupert were both freaked and tried to find a place to hide.

This is Rupert. He is still way too quiet for my tastes.  He is usually just waking up from a nap when I go in and visit, and will sit in the comfy spot he's picked out until I move him.  I'm sure he'd eventually move on his own, but I just don't have the patience to wait.  He is actually the heaviest of all the kittens, and does eat and play (see upcoming photos) but he's just so darn quiet.

The girl and Rupert playing.
Dinner Time
Bath time vs Play time - guess who won

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  1. I can't believe she changed her name, oh well she'll always be Bastet to me.


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