Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange dream

I often find myself dreaming of my own life.  Its weird, when I could do anything and go anywhere while sleeping, my mind chooses to putter around the house and hang out with the kitties..

Well last night was very odd, as I had a new kitty.  A little short haired gray w/white  tuxie.  I don't think I've ever fostered a kitten that looked like this.

In my dream I was putting around the house and turned around to discover this new kitten sitting on the floor looking at me like I was supposed to be proud of some accomplishment.  I don't remember if I called out to my hubby asking him why the kitten was out, or if he called out that the door to the foster room had been left open, but some sort of exchange to that effect went on.  The kitten didn't care.  He (and yes, I just knew it was a he) just sat there looking so proud and happy.

also somehow I knew I had a new kitty.

So odd.  Cause there is so no more room at the inn..

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