Friday, May 21, 2010

Fleurp & Ollie

I watched the movie "Bolt" the other day, and Fleurp was totally interested in Rhino
She stood up on her hind legs and was pawing at the parts of the screen she could get to.  I could see her trying to figure out how to get to him..
I finally couldn't stand it any longer and ran up to get my camera.. well of course she didn't paw at the screen any more (something DH totally disapproves of so I'd never actually encourage it) but she did sit for quite a while watching..
(click to see full sized version)

I was downstairs giving Ollie his treatment.  I must say it is going way better then I thought.  I guess because the holistic treatment is basically water that it tastes like water so it is just a bit of an annoyance, and he gets treats (and only he gets treats, which he finds quite befitting his status of being KING RULER OF ALL!!! {yes, three exclamation points})  If he wanders off during the 15 minutes we are waiting between doses all I have to do is shake the container of treats and he comes running. - of course so does everyone else in hopes they will become "worthy".  I feel a little bad because they are so hopeful, singing little songs - doing little dances,  but if I start giving treats to everyone during Ollie Time, I'm sure Ollie wouldn't stick around any more.
(I shall sit here, and she shall wait on me)

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  1. Kit watches Bolt- Tinkerbell (Stinkerbell ) is grounded because she launches herself at the tv.


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