Saturday, November 17, 2012


well I weighed Ella tonight and she weighed 2lbs..(for comparison, Jackson is 3.5) so it looks like the end of their stay is sooner rather than later.  Elsa is doing so well that I only have a few minor reservations about her going up for adoption... and all of them having to do with not being able to control the public that enters to see her.  But that is not for me to deal with.  I will mention my observations of her to the shelter and let them deal with what they want to do with her.  My hopes is she does so well on the adoption floor that she goes home shortly after showing up.  She is quite beautiful and really is loving and fun and is so energetic that I can't imagine someone wanting her now (as long as they don't have little kids)
Oddly enough she does remind me a bit of Daisy.
It is in some of the poses she makes.

The painters have been dealing with some inflammation in their eyes.  Mostly Jackson.  It was in his left eye, and as that started to clear up it went to his right. Somewhere in between it jumped over to Evelyn's eye.. There has been some random sneezing but all in all it is pretty minor.  One of those wait and see instances, and I think it will clear up in time.  Probably not in time to get them all home by Black Friday, but hopefully by December 1st *paws crossed*

This morning DH and I went out and about to the Christmas Fairs.  We walked into one fair and there was a pair of  "Bear Chairs" each was marked at $1.00.  I commented how cute would that be with the kittens cuddled up on one.  My husband noticed they were only $1.00 each and lobbied to buy it.  I laughed at him and said he needed to buy the stuffed cat sitting on it to show the kittens what to do with it.  I wandered off to look at something else and when I turned around he had the bear and the cat in his hands. :)   It was so adorable that every single person there who was older than us said something cute to him.
the kitten is about the size of a beanie baby..for size reference 
When we got it home, the kitties knew right what to do with it.
In case you were wondering, yes Elsa is nursing the Painters

I ended up taking a hundred or so pictures.  Ella thought the bear's eyes had to die.  Both Ella and Jackson whispered something into the bear's ear.. lots of sniffing, lots of posturing.. they are freakin adorable, but it is a freakin lot of pictures too..

Miss Lady Frida Floofface... I don't quite know what I am going to do with that kitten.  I adore her so, but she still has some major trust issues.  I so wish I could get my hands on my Rescue Remedy.  I've got a couple of bottles floating around the house at this point.  Part of me says that if I can't find it than it must be that I shouldn't be using it.  I keep looking for it hoping, because I do think it will do her some good.. *shrug*  But tonight we did two things.. I got her running around after the toy and she touched my leg *YEA!!* and I took her on a "field trip" around the house and let her take a look at The Crew and how much they trust me.  I took her into the bathroom and shut the door and put her down and let her walk around for a bit.  I was able to pick her up with out much of an incident, but I could tell that while I was doing it she really really REALLY wished I was in Antarctica..   Jackson - he is pretty much a normal socialized kitten, only being hesitant when you go straight at him, but then so are a lot of other kittens.  Evelyn is somewhere in between.

Then I went to the #BlogPawtyPALs on Twitter.  This is the second BlogPaws Twitter party I've been to this week.  The first one was on Tuesday and it was a rather long and drawn out event.. Even still I ended up winning two prizes at it :)  This one was much shorter, and I won.. well I won two prizes out of this one too.. only thing is one of them was something I really couldn't use (OK I probably could have, I wouldn't mind a good walking jacket for Skippy, but it was more of a dog harness thing) so I "donated" it back to the party.  Funny thing was the person who won it after me also donated it back.. lol. It finally ended up with someone who was very happy to have it, so that was a good thing.  then there was this:
and the question..

Freaking exciting hun??   If you haven't seen the talking Guinea Pig video PAL has done, you so need to.

So, only thing more exciting than the prize was this..
Twitter reads backwards.. 
I really liked the idea of the shelter buying $500 worth of food for the foster kittens, but I knew someone who could use it more..

They did give away another $500 prize, but I failed to win that one (as is probably the right thing)

Afterwards I thought about Jeanne and the need that she has and felt a little bummed I didn't remember sooner, but I hope that by supporting the auction they are going to have to fund raise will do some good.


  1. OMC, that is SO awesome that you gave part of the donation to Kitten Associates! I am SO purring over this! I showed up at the end of the party - the three-hour time difference threw me off. So I think I missed you. It is a very good thing that you are about as far away from Los Angeles as anyone could be and still be in the U.S. because my human is in LOVE with Lady Frida! She would happily take her home and work on socializing her... and keep her!

    1. You know Sparkle.. people go back and forth from Maine to LA all the time.. I bet we could find one of them to carry a kitten.. I mean she is small..

  2. Some kitties don't like being pick up much my mother in-laws is like that but she will come over for a bit of petting and she has trust issue with men!

  3. That Chair Bear is a definitely hit with the kitties! Such a great buy for $1. :)

  4. For $1, I would have bought a bear chair for every foster kitten I had... Plus an extra few because we're always overlapping ;) So cute!

    Let me know when you go to Vegas...

  5. I am in love... what a cutie!

  6. The bear is TOO CUTE. 'Specially with a loaf kitten in it!

  7. oh my CAT! That photo of Ella looking so smug on the bear chair is too good! And yes, Elsa does look like Daisy - we think it's those big golden eyes! Concats on winning - and isn't it so cool that you gave it to Kitten Associates!

    We're going to support Jeanne's acution, and we know all the other bloggers will too, so both groups are getting the help!

  8. That bear chair is wonderful but even more utterly adorable with the gorgeous kitties all over it!!! Awwwww!!!

    Take care

  9. That bear chair is a huge hit. Those kittens are so darn cute. Good thing you live a longs ways from us too. The last thing I need is another cat and I would love to have that Lady Frida. Oh well.
    Have a great afternoon.

  10. That chair is cute! But not as cute as all those kitties of course. Adorable!!
    Kisses for all of them!
    xo Catherine

  11. Only $1 for that chair? What a deal! I laughed out loud when I saw Ella was the first to sit in it. (Well maybe she wasn't but it was the first photo in the blog entry.)

    1. oh no, she totally was the first one to it, the first one to sniff it, the first one on it.. I'm considering renaming her to "MEFIRST!"

  12. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Maybe give Frida some more time?

  13. I am really gonna miss these kittens. Especially Ella and Lady Frida Floofypants. I wish they could stay. Maybe Sparkle was serious about her mum and Lady Frida. Wouldn't that be so great. I'd love to keep track of all the kittens in their future homes. If I lived in the US I'd take Ella in 2 seconds and Lady Frida. And what a funny opposite in some ways pair they would make :)

  14. OMC - that chair is AWESOME!!!! For a buck....yep, that would have come home. I can totally see Emma deciding it belongs to her - no matter that she weighs about 1.5 pounds.

    We are glad Kitten Associates got your donation. And we are glad you thought of us. And thanks for plugging the auction. (and sorry about the emails today....geez mom is brain dead or something)


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