Monday, November 12, 2012

More progress

And still no pictures. Sorry.
We shall taunt you while you blog.. 
I spent some time with the kittens on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was filled with a number of other things, so I didn't get a nap in, but I did get them interacting with the toy.  Miss Lady Frida Floofface is freakin adorable when she plays, but she much prefers to just sit there cautiously and look beautiful.

Jackson is almost over being afraid of me.  He still isn't a fan of me reaching right out to pat him, but that's just about it.  He does like to snuggle up to his sisters which is also freakin adorable.  At one point all three of them were in a bed together, and wasn't I mad I didn't bring my camera down with me.

The girls.. well at least they don't run and hide when I come into the room (well most times)   I've been trying to engage them with me to build their confidence.  They want nothing to do with the hand monster.  I did entice them over to me with the track ball.  That they like.  If I get that running I get everyone over to investigate.  Ella usually sits right in the middle being the "monkey in the middle" and the artists spread themselves out on the other side of me.  Jackson will jump right in and be totally involved.  Evelyn is second in her enthusiasm / fear of me.  Miss Lady Frida Floofface generally likes to watch, occasionally reaching a paw out to touch the ball.  With things hot and heavy I can usually reach over and touch one of them with out a major reaction which is a plus.

Last night I got Jackson to give me the paw of doom.  it was so precious.. as always the first fists of furry are done with out claws.. (don't want to get a claw caught in anything that could hurt you) and it was so heartwarming to watch him be so brave and assert himself like that.  I praised the living daylights out of him, and did my best to encourage his sisters to step up and do the same.  Evelyn seems to be the next one who will be willing, but no luck so far.

It can be done.. 

Eli in DH's arms getting and loving attention
Eli letting me rub his belly
Lets just hope it doesn't take 10 years


  1. One question (I might not have been following you long enough): what is the paw of doom?

    1. I 'borrowed' that term from another kitty blog. It is when a kitty gives you a smack (or several) with his paw. Generally it is when their ears are back and can often be given to a sibling when they are being annoying.

  2. that is great progress. next thing you know they will be ALL over you :)

  3. I don't mind that there aren't kitten photos. I like seeing photos of the Crew. That Eli, he is a sweetie.

  4. I'm really happy to read about this. Can't wait for pictures of the artists all over you. :)

  5. Oh I hope you had camera when kitties were in bed together! Hopefully next time :-)

  6. Yippee all is coming good!

  7. Sweet! Pretty soon you'll be swarmed and won't be able to get the lil' bugger OFF of you.

  8. WooHoo! YAY! C'mon painter kittehs - cuddlepile on Connie!

  9. That does sound like such good progress. They will soon trust you a lot more. You are doing such a good job. Take care.

  10. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Eli looks precious!
    Good to know to see/read some progress!


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