Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A trip to the shelter

The shelter was having Reiki today for staff and volunteers.  A local practitioner is a supporter of the shelter and they've done this before.  Considering how much stress I've been under I gave them a call yesterday to see if they had any additional openings, and they did.  So I signed myself up for one and went down.

Now I "know" what Reiki is, but I've never had a session.  I also haven't done anything like this at the shelter so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  They had me lay on the table while three of them laid their hands on me.  It was really rather interesting, as I seemed to be able to feel what they were trying to do and I seemed to feel that I had some serious road blocks that weren't quite ready to be let go of yet.. All in all a very interesting experience and I say if you get the chance, you should try it.

but.. being that this is a cat blog.. you didn't come here to read about me being blocked..

Hello, my name is Reiko!  I'm a handsome 6 year old  mandcat
and I'm FIV+
Reiko is a stunner!  He's got beautiful blue eyes (his ears were a little dirty but he didn't want me looking at that) and man this guy had so much attitude it nearly slayed me..

Next to Reiko was Krista, a three year old little girl that apparently needs to gain some serious weight. There is a card on her cage asking for her to be over fed.

She has a nice red blaze on the top of her head too.. it was hard to get a picture of her because she wouldn't sit still, and I didn't try to hard because right next door was...

Charlotte's write up on her cage door at the shelter

I hung out with Charlotte for a few minutes while I waited for my appointment time.  She was a little hesitant about coming to the front of the cage, but I did my best to entice her and make it worth her while.  She finally climbed down from the karanda bed and I was able to give her some scritches and kisses.  But then it was my time, so I shut the cage door, promising to come back.

On the way to where they were having the sessions, I saw Gigi..

I can not believe she is still there.  Now if you remember, she was given the name "Little Cat" and the shelter won't change it.  I keep telling them, change her name to Gigi and she'll go home in an instant.  Change it to Lady Gigi and you'll probably have someone give you a $100 donation.   Gigi is a character, she'll let you hold her but she makes it obvious it isn't her first choice.  She'll let you snuggle her and kiss her, but she's just an 'old skinny black and white cat" with a silly name.. so no one really gives her a chance.

After my session I went back to see Charlotte.

I did my best to entice her to reach through the bars.  If you talk to people who adopt from shelters, they often tell you their cat reached out and grabbed them... so, anything to help our little girl get attention (Yes, I have tried teaching Gigi that, she says it is beneath her to preform.. she wants someone who appreciates her as is) It took Charlotte a few minutes to figure out what I wanted, but I say she succeeded very well - wouldn't you?

Apparently Reiko wasn't all that impressed with my teaching :)  I took Charlotte out of the cage and let her snuggle with me, rubbing her face all over mine. Oddly enough it almost seems if her fur finally decided to grow back.. *rolls eyes* why am I not surprised.

This is Harley.. he's a seven and a half yr old mancat.. just LOOK at those thumbs in that first photo.. sadly someone felt those feet needed to have their claws removed..  *shrug* Hopefully his new people show up soon..

Down at the far end from Charlotte is Chandler.  This boy is breaking my heart.  I have shared him with you before (the kitty with the cast on his leg) and because he is diabetic he is still there.  His cast is off but apparently he's a little depressed.

I patted him and GOBS of loose fur came off him. I am not in a position to take him right now, but he is still weighing on me pretty heavily.  I have a feeling he'll be in the kitten room come the weekend..  His back leg is still pretty wobbly, and it looked a little thin to me in the half second or two he let me see it.


Wouldn't it be great if we could save them all, that there were homes that were willing to take a plain ol black and white cat, or a diabetic kitty,  or a big hunk o love FIV kitty.. with out them having to sit at the shelter for months or years waiting..

Yeah, it really would.. 


  1. We hope they all get very loving homes ASAP! Yeah, when we went to pick up Star&Saphira from a shelter in 2006, Saphira reached through the bars to be petted. It was heartbreaking, and in that moment, I just KNEW she was for me. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. ooooooh, so many cuties needing homes.

  3. Good trick Charlotte!! It is sad that some take so much longer than others. Would they let you put a write up on Gigi's cage?

  4. Paws crossed that homes come along for ALL of them!

  5. We're glad they have a shelter with loving volunteers like you who will look after them until they find their forever homes.It isn't the same as having their forever homes now, though. We can't believe Gigi is still there, either, and that makes us sad. Good thinking teaching Charlotte to make with the paw action. Charming the peeps is always the key!

  6. What awesome kitties they all are...sending good thoughts and purrs their way for wonderful forever homes (thinking of sweet Charlotte and wishing her an amazing forever family).

  7. Thanks for sharing your Reiki experience. Do they use it on the cats at the shelter, or was this just a demo for humans?

    I'm a Reiki Master and have worked with pets and humans for the last eight years. Most of my Reiki "clients" are cats! Cats are sensitive to energy in general, which makes them purr-fect recipients for Reiki. Reiki has numerous benefits, but the most dramatic is usually stress relief, which is why it can be so helpful for cats in a shelter environment.

  8. I have a foster mentor (after my 1st ancient cats died of old age, I met her when I went to the pound to adopt new ones. I have her very first fosters! 7 years later, I'm a foster for her TNR rescue org) but she makes sure that she takes 1 day a month for a spa treatment. I think you should make a, "me," day every month to recharge. Honestly, so many of you give so much of yourselves to these shelter cats, I can't even fathom getting that attached to so many. My friend even takes in hospice cats and just your own cats dying in your arms one day is hard enough, I couldn't do it. Nursing little feral kittens that end up dying, visiting kits and cats in cages that may never get adopted, it takes so much out of you. You have to recharge or you'll burn out.
    I'll tell you a secret of how she makes extra money to pay for cat meds, spay/neuters, and massages--recycling. A lot of us collect our cans (drink cans, people food cans, and cat food cans too) and takes them in for recycling for cash. The back of her jeep is always filled with bags of cans. Yes, rinse out the cat food cans first! LOL
    Don't feel guilty for a, "me," day. Do it for the cats if you start to worry about it.

  9. Those gorgeous cats ,hope that someone falls in love with them soon,Me time is always good from time to time,we all need a little of that some times,xx Rachel

  10. Oh, man, I want them all! Especially Gigi, since I always have a soft spot for tuxies. It just breaks my heart.

  11. They are all adorable! I too wish that I could save them all. Every time I hear about an older cat that's been in the shelter for a long time, or a special needs kitty that no one will adopt, I want to rush over and bring them home with me. If only we lived in a perfect world... we can only do what we can. Hope all of those sweeties find their furever homes!


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