Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interview with a Fosterer - Amelia Hughes of Cat & Birdie

Today's Interview comes from Amelia Hughes of Cat & Birdie. I adore her blog, but really I just wanted an excuse to 'borrow' her header and share it all with you..  I mean seriously, look at it!!

Amelia graciously agreed to participate, and I'm sure you'll all end up adoring her and her blog as much as I do.  Thank you Amelia!!

Introduce yourself and where do you hail from?
My name is Amelia and I was born and raised in Michigan.  After college, I spent ten years living in California and have spent the last fourteen years in Boston.

What rescue group, shelter or sanctuary do you foster for?
I currently foster for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

What kinds of animals do you normally foster?
I foster special needs cats, kittens, and occasionally puppies.

How did your adventure being a fosterer begin?
I volunteered at a lot of fix-a feral clinics and worked on animal hoarding cases, so I started fostering the semi-feral kittens from the clinics and the very sick kittens from hoarding situations.

Amelia bottle feeding a foster kitten
Amelia and foster - courtesy of Amelia Hughes
How do your keep yourself from becoming too attached to the fosters you help?
We have a multi-cat house now and so our family is complete.  With all of my experience working in animal welfare, I know our limitations (financially, emotionally, physically) to properly parent many fur kids and at some point it also clicked with me that although these fosters “need” me for a while, they don’t need me for life.  I learned to have faith that most of the time they are going to find really great homes.

What is most frustrating for you as a foster?
The lack of progressive foster care programs for special needs cats and kittens….thankfully, this seems to be changing as we work to become a no-kill nation and examples/resources like Best Friends and Maddie’s Institute are on the frontline.

What is most rewarding?
Seeing the progress these kittens and cats make…the baby steps if you will.  Whether it’s learning to trust people, or using the litter box for the first time, or seeing an older cat that has never seen a toy before start playing with it, these milestones are everything.

Nine little kittens - courtsey of Amelia Hughes

Do you have pets of your own?  How do they respond to the foster animals?
We have many adult cats and one dog.  Only our youngest cat (who turns two in July) has anything to do with the fosters and that is only if they are kittens.  She is a really good role model when we foster those single orphan kittens that are 5 - 8 weeks old.

What kind of advice can you give to someone who might be wanting to become a foster?
Do it!!!!  And talk to other foster parents who love fostering…they are a great resource.  Also, it honestly will be one of the most rewarding, and at times, the most heartbreaking thing you will do….but it is worth every minute of it.

When you are not saving animals what do you like to do?
Sleep, flip through fashion and home magazines, and relax with family and friends over a nice bottle of wine.

Philbert - courtesy of Amelia Hughes

And now the questions from Inside the Actors Studio:

What is your favorite word?
Kittens…but you have to say it loud and pronounce it “KIH - TENS”
What is your least favorite word?
Juicy.  Especially when it’s written on the backside of sweatpants.
What turns you on?
Genuine kindness.
What turns you off?
People who won’t collaborate with others for the greater good.
What sound or noise do you love?
The sound my ginger cat Fennie makes when you pick her up.  She literally says, “no, no, no.”
What sound or noise do you hate?
What is your favorite curse word?
The f-bomb.  It’s a classic.
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Fashion designer.
What profession would you not like to do?
Anything that would require me to wear a suit.
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
“Welcome, the neonatal kitten nursery is to your left.”

Chester - courtesy of Amelia Hughes


  1. Another great interview! 9 little kittens at a go!? That's amazing!

  2. Great interview. I love the picture of the kitten "holding" the bottle. :)

  3. Great interview and photos!

  4. We love Amelia and her blog. She gets some awesome pictures (and that header is great - we need that sign). And if there is a kitten nursery up there, mom knows she will be there too. :)

  5. Amelia sounds like someone I would like to have as a friend!

  6. This is such a great inverview of your wonderful friend!
    I don't like "juicy" on the back side of sweatpants, either ;-)

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    What a great interview and hugs to Amelia. LOVE that header and we'll have to check out the blog as well. And I agree about the word 'juicy' makes me wonder if it's a warning about 'sphincter seepage'. Hope that's not too graphic for a comment...if so I do apologize.

  8. We LOVE the Cat & Birdie blog - we visit every post!

  9. Awww, kitten nursery! Good interview!
    Ok, I can see from the interview and the comments that I'M not the only one who thinks, "juicy," not something to advertise on your backside. I asked my spouse about this the other day and he doesn't get it, but English is his 2nd language. I asked him what he thought might occur if you were to squeeze something that was juicy. And then what sort of juices might emanate from certain body parts. He gets it now.
    Amelia reminds me of my Foster Mentor, Joanna. She says some of the exact same things--especially the joy of an older cat with a toy for the first time. Right now, she's fostering 2 ancient hospice cats in renal failure, named the new one, Myrtle, and is calling her house, "Renal Lake Feline Assisted Living."

  10. Awesome interview! Thank you, Miss Amelia, for fostering.

  11. Oh we just love Amelia and her blog,thanks for doing the interview with her Connie,xx Rachel and Speedy

  12. It's so nice to hear from other foster parents! I loved doing it, even though I only did it twice, but we plan to again for sure when we have larger living spaces. Thanks for all you do for kitties! - Crepes and Alana.

  13. What a delightful interview of an even more DELIGHTFUL person! We ADORE Amelia AND her blog. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is that GENUINE and KIND.........I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is even MORE delightful than you could possibly imagine. She is a living Angel.

  14. What a terrific post and interview! Amelia sounds like such a wonderful person for all she has done and all she continues to do with her foster work, how special.

  15. Thanks for interviewing me on your blog...very honored you asked me! I really love this series (and your blog for it's info, honesty, and real emotion and experience ) and it's so wonderful to get to know other foster parents and pet parents via your posts.

  16. uhm, we got totally distracted by the adorable photo of Chester and forgot all the other stuff we were going to say....

  17. Fantastic interview! I have a huge respect for Fosters and I love it when they are recognized. It's a huge contribution to the animal world and not a very easy task to take on.


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