Friday, August 29, 2014

Warning - it's a litter box thing

Now don't forget, you were warned..

and in case you fell pray to the adorableness of Garp there, this is a litter box post.. and not a nice one.. so if you can't handle the poop, I suggest you leave now..  come back tomorrow, there is cuteness I promise..

Okay then, let's go over a few facts before we get started.  Garp, Sparkle and Tucker came to me as orphans when they were 'two weeks' old.  They had the feeling of older than two weeks, except Tucker who was little more than skin and bones.. I never did tell you how bad off he was - I could feel every rib in his body.. He also had no teeth showing at all, where Sparkle had her canines and Garp had some back molars.. so I just assumed he was so small because they were all of different ages.

Tucker also took three days to poop.. when he finally did the very tip of the stool was a whitish greenish color, and the rest looked pretty normal, so I didn't worry..

(last chance, don't say you weren't warned)

This isn't all that scary, that's just poop..
Connie, now you are just being weird

He continued to eat well and gain weight, so I put it out of my mind.. I had taken a photo in case something popped up but nothing had. A few days after that though, he had diarrhea so badly it leaked out of him.  It was watery, so getting a stool sample was not possible. Litter box compliance was hit or miss.  I contacted the shelter and told them of the diarrhea and how foul it smelled and how I suspected coccidia.  They sent me some marquis paste as well as five days of panacur to make sure there was nothing else going on and to kill it if it was.

Well two days after the start of medication (now you were warned that something came out of a kitten's but right?)

Okay, that is totes gross!

If you want to biggify, feel free..

Yes, that is one freakingly long - bigger than a spoon - round worm.  When I first saw it in the box all spread out like that my first thought was not round worm, but what on earth had these three gotten into.. as it dangled from my scooper,  I started to convince myself it was a thread or something.. but then... it moved.. *shudder* the small clump of poop in front of it is also full of round worm, so I am guessing both Tucker and Sparkle had them pretty bad - since they both had diarrhea and neither feel as robust as Garp does.  I have never seen one worm that big, especially not in a three week old kitten, my goodness how fast do these things grow?!?! In fact I almost never see round worms. I deworm for them all the time, but generally it kills the worm and it is digested up by the kitten..

Fortunately after expelling that thing, we had a successful litter box morning..

really, who wants to look at a used litter box?
 couldn't you just say there was well formed stool.

Before this it was all not well formed pudding.. some was even water-like.. so I consider this a huge success. I think the fact that they have had quite a few meals of raw has also helped sooth the savage colon and helped this 'progress in an orderly fashion' if you will.


  1. Ewww! Never mind humans being grossed out - imagine being a kitty with that growing inside you!

  2. Those poor kits, having that it them. Better out than in! And poor YOU to have seen it *move*. Just thinking about it moving gave me the willies.

  3. I have never seen a round worm (thankfully). OMC how hideous!!!

  4. I can handle poop photos but decided not to biggify this time... :-)
    Glad you had a successful litter box eventually!

  5. well we were warned this would be yucky,at least things are getting better now,Speedy had worms when we got him at 16 weeks old they were pin or thread worms still yucky though,xx Rachel

  6. OMG the poor things! I would have been grossed out beyond belief!

  7. Poor kitten ! Purrsonaly, we find worms more disgusting than simple poop ! Glad to see that you got a normal litter box ! Purrs

  8. Yep, that was totes gross. ;)

  9. OMC he's GOTTA feel better expelling that! It's nearly as long as his entire digestive system!!

  10. Yuck! I am glad he got rid of that.

  11. How awful! I am so happy this episode is over for you and the kittens. I hope I can recover before dinner is served. Not your fault; you gave clear warning.

  12. Yikes!!! Glad everything cleared up!


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