Sunday, October 12, 2014

An update on the kittens

I have names now.  The long haired girl came with a name, Tiger Lily.  She was such a princess though I had to know if there was a Princess Tiger Lily, and interestingly enough there is one..  She is from Disney's Peter Pan, which opened up the door for names for my little "formerly faeries" kittens..

Princess Tiger Lily
Mr. Smee

We had a bit of a scare with Smee this weekend. I didn't spend a lot of time with them Friday morning, and when I went to see them in the afternoon Smee was very quiet and isolating himself.

It took a bit to figure out what was going on, but he was not weight baring on his left front leg and he had a fever of 103.3. I called the shelter and was unable to reach anyone, but since he did eat, and was bright eyed and purred and went pee for me, I figured he could wait until the morning. In the morning he was still limping so I took him into the shelter when he went about trying to make a fibber out of me.  They did eventually see him limp a little and ended up taking his temperature which was 101.9.  They decided the best option since he was so improved was to 'wait and see'.  I brought him home and he was very quiet all day, but happy..

Today he is seeming a bit better.  Still quieter than he has been, but limping less. Interestingly enough they all switched from canned food to dry just as this happened.  They were easily eating six cans of wet food each day and gobbling up the dry when it wasn't enough. They went down to three or four cans and consumed far more dry food. It was just weird. Hopefully he will continue to improve because they are scheduled to be neutered on Thursday.


  1. Goofy boy. Love the names

  2. I hope that this is the end of whatever was going on with Smee - is he ever a little cutie!

  3. Love this latest batch! I wonder if Mr. Smee had a bad toenail?

    1. that was my first thought too because of all of his toes, but with his fever it was a little freaky. He is much better today

  4. Strange one,but its good to hear he's doing Better,xx Rachel


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