Friday, October 3, 2014

Former Foster Friday - Garp now Buddie (and a bonus)

I've heard from Garp's new mom Beth, as well as her neighbor Kathleen - which you already know as Max and Ducky (formally Faraday)'s mom.

Max and Ducky's mom is friends with Garp's new mom and Beth contacted me asking about kittens and after a few emails back and forth it was narrowed down to Garp being her kitten. There was some logistics to work out but it all seemed to fall into place and Garp was able to go home on Tuesday.

I very quickly got an email from Beth, which sadly I didn't get until Wednesday because I was mostly offline on Tuesday dealing with Jack... but I was happy to see it when I did..
Just wanted you to know that Garp  as we call him "Buddie" because no
matter what my husband would call him Buddie as that is how he used to
call Howie or Howard {their previous cat} when he walked up the driveway.
Buddie was peeked at through his carrier ( all loved him)  on the boat
yesterday as we made it home on the 12:15.
I sectioned off our downstairs so that he can romp in the kitchen, sitting
area and the pantry has his litter box. Which by the way he has used !
He has had visitors and greeted everyone including my sister-inlaw who
came with a little bed . It was so interesting because yesterday afternoon
I let him look all around and investigate and as he tired he came over and
curled up in my lap . It felt so good .
I am leaving to go to work shortly until 2:00 and of course I would rather
be home but I am sure he will be fine .
Isn't that sweet!?!  While he was here I was pretty sure Garp could handle anything and would love being an island cat, but when the shelter staff member, who has been my go between so I didn't have to drive all the way up to ARLGP, came to collect them he became fearful.  Being overly paranoid I started worrying if he was going to freak out at the whole thing, but this email immediately put my fears to rest, and it made me feel like it was meant to be.

Buddie © Kathleen, used with permission

Since I was emailing Kathleen I thought I would ask if I could share a photo of Maxwell and Ducky..

The first rule about kitten fight club... Is grab the camera!

I simply adore foster kitten updates.. even if they aren't mine.. but especially so when they are.. Thank you Beth and Kathleen.


  1. I love happy endings... and new beginnings!

  2. Aw, glad they are all doing well. Max and Ducky are looking quite handsome!

  3. awww - we love hearing that kittens adjust so quick. :)

    and my how Max & Ducky have grown ....

  4. This is wonderful! I can imagine how rewarding this must be for you. Happy news like this is the best!

  5. We just love happily ever afters!

  6. It's when you hear stories like this that you must realize what a good thing you do. :)


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