Thursday, October 1, 2015

Maxwell and Faraday, from A Tonk's Tail, at a Walmart near you! #giveaway

A few months ago I found out that the famous Maxwell and Faraday from A Tonk's Tail were in a hush hush top secret photo shoot. Even though I have an in with their human Lisa, I had no idea what this was all about - that is how hush hush it was.

The other week there was a rumor (started by their mom) that this project was at its fruition and if one went down to their local Walmart store they might just find our two fury friends there.

Excited I ran down to my local store and low and behold there they were! I actually couldn't find the third one initially because someone had stuck a different card in front of it, but I eventually found it.

So I bought them all.

and yet still I wanted more, so my husband went to three other Walmarts for me and I ended up getting a few more. I also heard of a few other Maxwell and Faraday fans ran to their local Walmarts and bought out their stock as well.

I love the fact that two kitties I've snuggled were on these cards, that I spent some time thinking about it and wondered how it came about and if my buying all of their cards would matter at all in their college fund, so I wrote to Lisa and asked.

ME: Hi Lisa, I have so many questions about the cards!! Did Hallmark pay them to model? Do they receive royalties? And most importantly, do they have an agent.. No no, wait, I meant do they have.. N/M, that is getting stalkerish.

Lisa: often other departments and other projects it is much much less than this but for this particular project, because it was Star Wars, they got a sitting fee of $50 per hour

Me: That is so cool.

Lisa: So...for the shoot, they spent 1.5 hours in wardrobe (yes, they had to go in for a costume fitting!) and then the shoot took about 1.5 hours (trip 2). They had loads of fans swing by to say hello. Maxie did his 'in the window' shoot months later, and that took about 2 hours.

Me: Was it invite or an open casting call

Lisa: They contacted me, since our two studios work so closely together and they know about my blog (for those of you who do not know, Lisa works at Hallmark). They have tried to use the boys before but the timing would always fall through or the concept changed.

Me: For what? Have they ever been on other Hallmark products?

Lisa: It never got to the point where they told me what it was for - they just asked if they were available. The kitties before - Ryker and Caleb - were featured, though. Ryker was in 2 TV ads, and Caleb was the August pinup cat in Hallmark's 1995 cat calendar.

Me: So no bonus tuna if I run all over the country and buy them all up?

Lisa: Rats! Well, Faraday might donate a wand toy to the cause...

And now I'm curious what Maxwell and Faraday think of being all famous, so I asked them how they felt about being famous.

Me: Hello Maxwell and Faraday, thank you for agreeing to this interview. So are you overly excited to be the new face of Star Wars Halloween?
Faraday: Does it come with WAND Toys????
Maxwell: uh, well, I was actually kinda disappointed. Do you know those lightsabers don't even WORK? I tried to take one apart, but they...
Faraday: yeah, yeah, yeah, back to me. I'm a STAR now, you know.

Me: Did you enjoy the photo shoot?
Faraday: Like I was saying...
Maxwell: He's been demanding his own trailer. With a star on it.
Faraday: Stocked with bonito flakes, Maxie. Don't forget that!

Me: What do you think your fans would want to know about you that they don't already know?
Allie: I'll field this one, boys. Did you know Faraday has a secret desire to move away from the Midwest? It's true.
Maxwell: uhhhh, he never said anything about that to me... but he did mention Star Wars was mancat stuff. More than once. Loudly. Where Allie could hear.

Me: I have heard that Faraday wants to come to Maine to see me.. but back to the interview; So Allie, how do you feel about all of this?
Allie: *sigh* well, if Hallmark and Lucasfilms can't see that I'm the natural and obvious choice to play Carrie Fisher in the feline remake.... Let's just say they may wish to hire a better casting director if they want it to be a blockbuster.

I really wanted to do a giveaway because of the excitement I've seen from other cat bloggers at this and Lisa kindly offered up three sets of cards, so we will have three different winners. We will even go international so everyone can enter. All you need to do is comment on the blog. If you would like additional entries, leave additional comments saying that you:

  • Comment on this blog, mention you want to win
  • Comment on one of Lisa's blog posts then come back here and leave a comment that you did that
  • Visit me on Facebook and leave a comment saying you did.
So three comments for three entries for three cards: Beep Bloop Bleep MEEEOW!
It would be fun to close the entries on the third, but that seems too short, so I will pick the winners on the 5th and announce it on the 6th.


  1. I would love to have these cards! But you know what, out here in our part of Los Angeles, we don't have any Walmarts! The humans who live around here don't want them (although they seem pretty happy with the Targets - there are three within 10 minutes of our house). I always comment on A Tonk's Tail, so I have that covered and I visited your page!

  2. What a fun interview. We had the head peep buy us some cards, so please let someone else who hasn't had the chance to get them win!

  3. Wow that is so cool! Those cards are so cute! I'd love to win, but I will also check out the local Walmart!

  4. Really nice, great thoughts and photos.

  5. Cool! And I like the beep beep boop meow one!

  6. that is so COOL!!! we gotta get mom out to the store (though if we win that would be awesome too)

  7. These cards are adorable, and it's extra cool that you know the cats personally!

  8. These cards turned out great! I can't believe that they had costume fittings!

  9. Oh we would love to win and we comment on Tonk's Tail everyday and we also visit you daily on FB (and even see you on IG) too!

  10. Dat's purretty cool Weez wunnered how they got chosen too. Gweat innewview.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. I'd love to win the cards. I've been looking for them here at my Walmart, but haven't seen any. I also posted on Faraday and Maxwells blog. Visited you on facebook and commented there too

  12. The mom found Faraday at the local Hallmark store and bought one. Just one. She's still looking for Maxwell.

    1. Maxwell: *waves paw* Here I am~!!

  13. I want to win, I couldn't find the Star Wars one. I did get the other one and I am going to frame it.

    1. Maxwell: You're gonna FRAME it? *bluuuuuushhh* awwww shucks....

  14. Pawsome interview ! The cards are really cool ! Purrs

  15. Oh, we would love to win these. If we don't, we'll have to send Mom to Wal-Mart, and she gets so overwhelmed there and doesn't like to go. So please enter us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  16. Really great, wonderful thoughts and photos, send Birthday wishes to loved one to impress her and remember you forever


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