Sunday, October 18, 2015

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

The shelter had their annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner today.  In the past years it was held at the end of August at a local hotel but this year with new management they decided to hold it in the pavilion in town. It is a beautiful location, so I can't fault them for the decision to move it, and considering the weather yesterday, I can't even fault them for choosing something so late in the season, but today it was a paltry 44 degrees out so it unfortunately wasn't as nice of a day as it could have been, but it was nice to get together with other volunteers and it was very nice of them to take the time to recognize how important the volunteers are in the shelter's success.

I spent some time talking to a lovely woman who wore a cat hat and a small black purse with cats on it, only to find out I know exactly who she is, but I only ever see her when she is working at the shelter and not in 'civilian' clothing. She almost adopted one of my kittens once. It was nice to talk to her.

I did get the t-shirt and shh.. I stole the pumpkins.


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