Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MeShare webcam for rescues

About a year ago I came across a new webcam company called MeShare.  I own a "Dropcam" (which is now technically a NestCam) and loved it, but I was looking for better options to share my foster kittens with you.

My dream is to have a live stream feed that you can all join in on, but every time I look into it, I find I need several hundred dollars worth of equipment, and I'm simply not in a place to invest that kind of money. I contacted MeShare about possibly broadcasting the feed out and they told me the only way to do that was to put my feed on their demo page, but if I were willing to do that they would send me a camera for free.

I am not one to turn down free, so I immediately accepted.

My foster kitten checking out my MeShare camera

The MeShare camera is meant to be used by an individual or family to keep an eye on their home. You would generally view the feed through an app on your phone so you can see what is going on when you are not there. It even has a slot for an SD card so you can record what your camera sees and check in on it when you get home. It will send an alert to your phone if the camera notices movement within its recording field and you can see four or five consecutive frames of that movement. It even has night vision so you can see what is happening when it is dark.

They are also working on a cloud recording system so you can make clips of what has happened and share them with friends and family. They also have the option that you can share your feed with other family members or friends so they can see what is going on with your camera as well, through an app on their phone.When you don't have a live broadcast, the only people who can see your feed are you and the people you give permission to, so you don't need to worry about privacy.

They are currently working on other features as well and hope to one day be able to control your entire smart house.

But I bet you are wondering why this post is called "MeShare webcam for Rescues"

Well because my live demo was so much fun for the MeShare team, they wanted to start offering free cameras to animal rescues.  They can pitch their product better than I can:

Get a MeShare live streaming camera for your shelter absolutely free

Free Animal Live Streaming Camera for Shelters and Rescues

Here at MeShare we wish to offer live streaming cameras for you to use completely free to promote all the humane work you do. 
We are able to offer this because MeShare's plan to become the largest platform hosting public live videos. By including your live video, we would be able to attract viewers see your animals on our platform. It's like Instagram with live video. No equipment cost, no installation cost, no monthly cost. No fee, period. 
Benefits According to iPet Companion, shelters with live video could see an 18% increase in adoptions, as much as a 295% increase in donations, and a 52% increase in sustained web traffic. That’s why animal shelters and rescue foster homes alike offer live cams to stand out, with some reaching thousands and millions of fans beyond their regional boundaries, such as this foster home and this shelter
With MeShare camera you can:
*   Increase your appeal online and allow people to see adorable animals in vivid videos, on all desktop and mobile devices
*   Smooth and crisp 720p HD video streaming that also comes with night vision*   Link the video on your own website*   Social media sharing and other creative use for fundraisers and events
*   Full control of where and when to feature the animals
*   Never miss a cute moment with access to past footage for you to save and share (optional)
*   Install in minutes, both wireless and wired cameras available, no additional equipments required
*   Fast personal remote support for installation and maintenance  
You can check out our existing pet cams here
How to Enroll To get the cameras, simply fill in the camera request form for your organization so I can help you determine the quantity and type of cameras you need. I will be in touch shortly after you submit the form. 
Contact If you have any questions before committing, please contact me at 408-502-6273 or email changshi@meshare.com, and I would love to answer your questions and explain the whole process. I would appreciate your quick respondence before the program expires.

I have referred a few people, and MeShare has taken on a few additional shelters, and yes, it is completely free. If you are in a place to use one or know of a shelter or rescue who might want to use it to keep an eye on their shelter, or their foster kittens, I urge you to contact Wayne.  He is very pleasant and very responsive to questions and problems.  He also just let me know that the program is set to end on the 20th.


  1. OMC, how awesome is that! I will have to spread the word.

  2. This is great! We're sharing this post with our local rescues.

  3. we got in on this....just waiting for our camera (and kittens of course)

  4. Yay! Technology meets a need...for watching cats! Love it!

  5. Very pawsome! Tech can really make a difference sometimes.

  6. Wow, this is great! I will definitely be passing this info along.

  7. That is a great camera.

  8. What a cool idea...and very nice of MeShare to do this for shelters and rescues.

  9. What a cool thing for them to do!!!

  10. That sounds really good.
    Liking the night vision too :)

  11. OMC, I'm going to tell our shelter about this! It's a great idea and very generous of them to do this. I have been thinking of getting something like this so I can tell how much my cats are eating when I'm not around. They eat the same dry food, and with 3 cats, it's hard to know how much each is eating.


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