Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from The Fishes

What's Halloween? -Flounder 

Halloween is when you go trick or treating and get treats in your pumpkin

There aren't any treats in this pumpkin! -Flounder

That's debatable little one.  No, you need to put on a costume and go tricker or treating

Out? -Flounder

Okay, maybe not out.. but you will need to put on a costume.

I don't think I like this.

I can see that.

Mr. Pumpkin can wear the costume!! -Flounder

Where are the treats?? -Flounder

Okay, who dragged me into this? -Puffer

Don't you want treats?

I like treats!  wait.. what's a treat? -Puffer

Something yummy to eat. Would you like a treat?

Treats are in the pumpkin? -Puffer

No sweetie, you have to put on a costume for treats

I am wickedly cute!

Wicked! now give me treats! -Puffer

I think you need a flying monkey.. 

Treats!!! -Flounder & Puffer

I'm a pretty flower, treats please! -Guppy

I'm not sure I like this -Trout

Don't owls eat trout? -Trout

I don't want to eat me! -Trout

Oh, Trout! You aren't actually an owl, you are just pretending.

Now what? (Trout, Flounder, and Puffer)

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, you guys are just so cute!!

Are we going to get treats now?!?!
(this is actually a photo of three kittens)

Trick or treat!!

What the heck is this *deploys paw o' doom*

*whap whap whap*

Well, these are kinda fun, but we were kinda hopin' for something to eat!


  1. It's a kitten Halloween party! How much adorableness can one holiday take?

  2. OMC those little kittens in costumes! I thought I was going to go thud with the wicked little kitten, and then the flying monkey showed up, and I had to work really hard to stay upright. Then the little owl showed up and, well, THUD

  3. Too much cuteness! TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!

  4. OMC, the cute! The cute! Three of them in the cauldron is enough to knock anyone over into a dead faint from the sheer adorableness.

  5. Too cute! If I went trick or treating, I would want one of these in my trick or treat bag.

  6. Thank you for sharing all of those fantastic pics of the kittens. I love their expressions!

  7. These are some of the cutest kitteh pics ever!

  8. I say, all the kittens should get treats for being so adorable! Happy Halloween!

  9. What a fantastic photo shoot! I hope you had fun doing it. Puffer looked to be enjoying the outfit! "Owl" Trout made me laugh out loud. They're all just adorable.

  10. cutest Halloween ever!!!

  11. OMG Cutest post ever!!!

  12. Holly Waterfall2:57 PM

    Adorable, but what are those things on the floor at the end? I'm not sure I can say what they look like.

    1. They are fake severed fingers. they were pretty lightweight so I figured the kittens would enjoy batting them around a bit.

  13. Thees guys are the cutest! Happy Halloween!

  14. These are the cutest Halloween pictures ever!

  15. The costumes are so cute! I love the kittens in the cauldron.

  16. OMC, they are adorable. Love the pic with them all in the cauldron. :)

    Have a happy (and safe) MEOW-loween!

  17. Pawsome photos of the fish kittens. Loved their costumes. They all made me laugh. Happy Catloween!

  18. Such a cooperative group. So cute too! Happy Halloween!

  19. That's the cutest Halloween celebration we've ever seen ! Happy Halloween ! Purrs

  20. I am officially slain by cuteness. "Dead, dead-zo, dead-skee," as Beetlejuice said.

  21. OMC, this is the cutest photo shoot!


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