Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Evo duck smorgasbord thanks to @Chewy #chewyinfluencer

Momma, we are bored. Can we have a pool party like Traveling Jack did a few years ago? ~Skippy

Well, Skippy, unfortunately, our pool developed a leak, so the pool is out of commission at the moment..  (This post is brought to you by who sent me the food for free to share on my blog with you)

But mom!! The bee is using the pool! ~Skippy

Dude, did you forget you're a cat and you don't like water? How about I give you a different kind of treat? We have a review to do for Evo canned food.

Evo makes a line of grain free foods that are 95% animal protein. In this case, it is duck but there is also a "chicken and turkey" variety too. I like that it has a simple ingredient list, you like it because

It's CANNED FOOD!  I want this.

Mine ~Jack

Muffin, are you drooling? Okay okay, let me get a couple of plates.. 

The food is a nice soft pâté that doesn't have that strong of an odor, which is nice. I don't know, do you think you guys will like this? 😉

Mom, can we have some more? ~Jack

When it was all said and done they polished off five cans of this, and I have no doubt they would have been happy to inhale a sixth. To see all six cats eating at the same time is impressive. Usually, they eat in shifts so they don't have to cluster in like that so to see them do this means the food was worth it.

Thank you to Chewy for giving us this opportunity to share this product with you. (and Jack wants to thank you for the noms)


  1. Jack is such a good model.

  2. That reminds my human - we haven't had any EVO in a while and she should get us some!

  3. holy smokes....we say that seriously got the seal of approval. mom says she feels bad about the no pool thing for you though (not for Jack - for Jack's momma)

  4. The food must be really tasty since the kitties cleaned both plates :)

  5. Wow! All six cats, noming together! They musta really enjoyed the Evo! Thanks for the review, kitties.

  6. That must be some pretty good food!

  7. Wow! We've never seen such clean plates! That must be good stuff.

  8. Mom gave us Evo a lot before we had to do the prescription diet. I LUFFED the venison!!! But it did give my poor tummy fits. There was a lot of clean up after.... but the other flavors worked well.

  9. Those empty plates say it all :)


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