Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Searching #CaseyandCabana

Casey, what are you doing?

Searching.. Cabana.. come help.. 

Okay, Casey, with two of us looking we'll find it right quick! 

It is not in here! -Cabana

OOoh, I think I founds it!! -Casey

I did, I did, I founds it..

It is one of those furevah homes the lady keeps talking about.. when do we move in?? - Casey
Um, Casey, it is not big enough for the both of us.. - Cabana

Ha ha ha.. just kidding.. the princess must be in another castle.. - Casey


I cannot believe these two are still here. What do I need to do, offer a reward to the person who connects us up with someone who wants to adopt two very adorable loving kittens who just needs someone to respect that weird noises make them want to hide?? How much is it going to take? Please don't tell me I need to start pitching kittens off the roof* to find them homes..

*whenever there is a happy ending to a tragic story about a kitty you usually get 100+ people wanting to adopt.. but when you simply say you have kitties needing homes you get crickets so I have often joked with a heavy dose of black humor that I am going to start pitching kittens off of the roof.  No, I am not going to pitch a kitten off a roof.. well.. maybe off the roof of the "home" in this post - do you think it would help? 🙀


  1. The right home will come.....

  2. Those babies need homes... yesterday!

  3. Maybe they were meant to be yours.

  4. we just don't understand it (then remembers we have 3 fosters still available too.....)

  5. Awww..we're sending purrs that they find their furever home soon.


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