Tuesday, March 9, 2004

decisions decisions

Well.. I got a call today from my friend at the shelter. She asked me how I felt about bringing Jez in to be spayed.. yes.. that would mean aborting the kittens.. My immediate thought was that it was a logical thing to do. There are so many kittens in this world, and this would give Jez a chance to get into a home sooner. Of course, then everyone proceeded to ask me if I would be okay aborting the kittens that I've taken care of for almost a month now. Well.. I haven't been taking care of the kittens, just Jezzy.. but of course the more they asked me how okay I was with it, the more emotional I got..

so as things stand, I'm going to bring her in.. but I still have the ability to change my mind.

as for the lump on Emmy's leg.. they checked it out and found cells they didn't like, so they are going to take it off. They couldn't do it on Monday.. so we are going to do it Thursday..

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