Thursday, March 25, 2004

Jack is such a good boy.. Muffin however..

As I'm typing the title for this post, Muffin is doing her best to sneak her big huge cat body behind me to get to my plate of chocolate cake.. bad kitty.

So.. about Jack.. I had an extremely bad day today. Started out with a mistake I had made trying to be helpful - remind me not to do that again.. and a girl I work with decided that I should be treated like dirt because I made it. She had NOTHING to do with it, it didn't affect her in even the smallest of ways, but she made loud rude comments behind my back, pushed past me to get out behind the desk we work behind, practically shoving me out of the way, and snapping at me when I said something to a client she was helping. This particular person has always treated me very badly at work, and there really isn't a whole heck of a lot I can do about it, as she is never alone with me.. whenever we end up working alone together, she leaves to go "help out back" so she doesn't have to be near me. Which frankly I do not mind.. I'd rather work alone than work with her and her attitude towards me, but it never gives me the opportunity to tell her to back off - unless I'm willing to do it in front of our co-workers; which I have done from time to time, but I come from a place where one just ignores such things.. and lately she seemed to have backed off.. even making small talk with me about my new house.. except for this.. *rolls eyes*

anyway.. long story to get to the good stuff. I come home and rant to my husband.. and all of a sudden I feel a cold nose pressing into my hand. I reach out and pat Jack as I continue on with my story. I shift feet, causing me to be slightly further away from jack, so I stopped petting him.. then I feel a cold nose on my hand again. I pat him more.. then come to a part of the story where I use my hands, then put my hand on the counter near the stool he's on. I feel a paw reach out and pat my hand, pulling it towards him. It made me smile and I stopped talking and patted him.. he leaned into my hip and purred.. I went on with my story, again taking my hand off Jack, and again he put his paw out and pulled it back toward him.

I love that boy..

and as for Emmy.. I was feeding the kitties treats yesterday, and she was running after them..she normally will only get them if they are right in front of her... and when I gave them their vitamin C treat (I mix it in with wet food - which is the only time they get wet food) she was standing up on the counter begging for it.. again.. something she hasn't done for a long time. Hopefully, we can keep this up :)

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