Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Well... I took Jez into work and had the doctors look her over. We discussed all the information I had, and all the information she had from the exam, and decided it would be best to spay her and take the kittens. We figured she was lactating from a previous litter and had gotten pregnant again on her next heat cycle.. which is never a good thing.. and the kittens were so underdeveloped.. so they spayed her, and the head technician told me that the kittens were dead when they were removed and chances are they had died a while ago - and she was probably in the process of reabsorbing them.

So as sad as it is, it was a good thing we did it now.. On a side note, there was a vet student working there and she proceeded to try to guilt me because I had been okay with spaying a pregnant cat after it had already been done. I was none too pleased with her and I mentioned this to the head technician. I hope someone talked to her about that.

Emmy's big day is tomorrow.. Please wish her well. The surgery will be very minor.. but sadly I'll have to wait several days for the biopsy to come back.. Hopefully it will be fat and not cancer..

(update 2016 - years later I saw the vet student, I don't remember if she was studying to be a vet or just a tech I think it was the latter, working at the local hospital. I was glad to see she wasn't working with animals any more)

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