Friday, March 19, 2004

stupid neighbors

ARRRRGH!!! I can't tell you how glad I am that I am moving. One of my neighbors has a big black dog, they have called Cosmo, that they just let run loose in my neighborhood.. I've called the ACO on them several times after we moved here.. but that didn't stop them for long. Several times I have had to send him home.. once I even grabbed his collar and walked him home, because he was up on my porch scaring the carp out my cats.

 Yesterday he ran right through my yard..

Today they are out at the bus stop, and he's out running around.. There is a TON of doggie prints in the freshly fallen snow... right out front of MY house.. he was barking at my cats.. they are completely freaked out. So I throw on my shoes and storm out there.. and he has the audacity to talk to me about the snow.. *rolls eyes* I'm walking out there in jeans and a thin shirt with my hair an absolute mess.. I told them last time I walked the dog home that I have a cat with a heart condition and so I tell them yet again.. and he said okay.. and tried to make the dog stay with him.. but I know that won't last long.. But hopefully it will be long enough that the kitties wont need to deal with him again until we leave.. Now even 10 minutes after the fact, I can see them all on alert.. Poor things.

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