Friday, June 18, 2004

Bath Time for Tubby

Went in the kitten room last night and the kitten bed / box was covered in kitten poop. We took it out and cleaned it off, but this morning, the litter box had quite a bit on it, and so did Tubby. I'm thinking he has decided he can go on his own. Not yet Tubby dear. Even Mom wouldn't clean him off. He was covered in it.. so I cleaned up the cage, and took him into the bathroom for a little swim. He did amazingly well. He wasn't too fond of the running water, but he didn't even make a peep when I stuck his tushie in. He cried a little when I tried to clean him off, so I turned the water on and just rinsed him off, he was ok with that.

I got him clean and tried to dry him off. I also wanted to put some ointment in his eyes as they have been getting goopy. He cried, and it made mom restless, so I put him back in the cage before he was fully dry. He headed right for the clumping litter. *rolls eyes* I put him in the kitten bed, which is a litter box without litter in it. I actually covered it with a pillow case to help keep things clean, but mom doesn't like linen, I guess, because she is now sleeping in the litter box again, with all the kittens. *sigh* Silly kitties, litter is for pooping, not for sleeping!!

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