Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Snip snip

Well, yesterday was the day. One of our surgeons had a family emergency, so I couldn't bring them in later on in the week like I was hoping, so I packed them all up on my lunch hour and brought them down to see if Hannah was big enough, and she was..2.6!! yea!! So they were neutered. I brought them home and put them in the room with some food and water, and went out shopping. Came home, and Hershey was SCREAMING for attention. I went in to make sure he was ok, and he settled down a bit, but when I left he started screaming again.. We went to bed, and he was howling.. it was pathetic. It was totally breaking my heart.. so I grabbed a couple of blankets and went back in and tried to sleep on the love seat. It wasn't fun. Hershey and Hannah both appreciated I was there, but Tanya... well she was ticked off to say the least. I'm glad I've decided to keep them for the rest of the week before adopting them out on Saturday.. hopefully, this will allow her some time to relax a little before finding her a new home. I just hope I can do it sooner rather than later, cause if I have to leave her there, no one is going to be able to get her out of the cage. Well okay.. the staff will, cause they will know she's all talk, but still, I worry about her.

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