Friday, June 25, 2004

the unbearable cuteness of kittens

I'm telling you, these kittens are too cute for their own good. They are so cute and sweet and adorable it is scary. I keep expecting them to turn into something other than kittens. Little Robot kittens someone pawned off on me for whatever reason. Every time I go in there I'm mobbed by kittens.. they just want me to hold them and pat them. Honestly. You'd think they would be more into playing with each other - which they do, which again is unbearably cute, but nope.. they just want to climb up me and have me rub their little tummies. -no Connie.. you may not keep them!!!

On a resident cat side note. I brought Jack and Emmy into the vet today. I got a postcard that Jack was due for vaccines, but he's not really due till almost September.. so he was really there for moral support for Em. I have been noticing lately that she doesn't want to jump up on things as much. So we took her in, and the new doctor looked her over and thinks she might be having trouble seeing. We took her blood pressure, and it was 130, which he says is high. But she was in a cage for several hours, so it might have been from stress, so we are going to bring her in tomorrow morning for another one. He also examined her legs, and her right knee seems to give her some discomfort. She's 12 yrs old and almost 17 lbs, diabetic w/ a heart murmur. I have to give her a world of credit for getting around as well as she does :)

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  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Hi i have a 9 wk kitten and ever since we got him he meows when he has a b.m. until today he just started mewing when we pick him up. and also wasn't very playful when we got home--?? any ideas would be appreciated!! no diarrah- he poops daily and uses the litterbox fine and only meows when pooping anything you have heard of b-4?? Thanks 4 ur response


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