Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wet kitten butt

I was in feeding / cleaning / playing with the new kids on the block, and the little black kitten was exploring near the water bowl. Somehow she "fell" in butt first. I watched to see what she'd do, as she was in no danger, and she just sat there. After a few moments, she crawled out and into the scoopable litter that mom threw on the floor in the cage. I picked her up to dry her off, which made her cry, which got mom's attention. She looked up, so I offered her the baby. She took a few half-hearted licks at the wet butt, and then I took her away and started drying her off. Mom kept looking. I told her to go back to dinner, which she did.

Of course, when she was done dinner, she started panting - more on this in a bit - so I offered her some water. She totally refused. I had to wonder if it didn't smell like kitten butt. (but then again, most mom cats enjoy that)

So mom is quite strange. She's incredibly vocal. At first, I didn't think she was going to be a very friendly cat, but she totally is. She just likes to growl and moan and hiss. She also has a collar mark, like someone left a too small collar on for way too long. Have to wonder if she wasn't abandoned when she kept going into heat. Her info says she's about 2.5 yrs of age. I feel bad for her. Going to have to make her up a nice write up wh\ ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]/ (Eli says hi) write up when she goes back.

Hershey got adopted yesterday, but so far it looks like Hannah and Tanya are still there :( When I went to see them Monday, they seemed a bit more adjusted to life at the shelter.. I'm not going to worry about them. really. I'm not. yea.. that's it.

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