Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Weeks

Myla The Mom

Short Toe - Still need to name him.. How about Betrokken

Little Miss Myla - she's so like her mom

Big Boy (has been from day one)

Monkey Boy.. those are not double paws, just double jointed :)

Update on the residents: Bri went through surgery just fine. Left her in her cage for a day, which she did NOT like. Didn't eat well, thus didn't poop well.. but as soon as I let her play with Tweedle again, she was back to her ol self. However, she is no longer on the "good bunny" list. I found a stack of photographs she had been chewing through. I was going to scrapbook them, hubby joked she was making decorative edges for me.

Em - now this is a good one. I have isolated her for 24 hours now with a litter box and dry and wet food. No vomit. BGs were good this morning. Not great, but pretty good for having access to dry. She went IN the litter box (she'll only do this if it is a private box) Weighed her again and she has gained 4 oz. So.. she needs all day access to food. We are going to have to rig up some sort of special door for her so that the others don't clean out the bowl. Will have to look into this ASAP as she hates being isolated.. even if it is the bedroom.

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