Thursday, April 6, 2006

mmmm litter, yummy!!

I moved the cage down from the top of the TV the other day, knowing the kittens were getting big enough to get out on their own, well I resisted giving them a litter box cause I knew the minute I did it was going to be a mess!! Well, this afternoon I went down to feed them and found pee on their bedding. Taking it out of the cage, I found some poop as well, so it is time.

I put the litter box down on the first level (I had made a second level in the cage for the box, and so mom could escape the kittens) and put in new blankets. The kittens were enjoying the litter. The little black boy (short toes) immediately went pee. Everyone else had to taste it. The little girl had a mouth full and was still chewing when I put a stop to it. Annoying part is she isn't eating FOOD yet, but was very interested in chewing litter!!

They are starting to venture further and further from the cage each time I open the door. Most times they stay right by the door and the side of the cage or near mom, well today several of them made it to the other side of me. :) They grow up so fast. they are at that cute stage where they have just figured out how to walk, and they want to run and pounce, but barely have walking under their belts so it never works out the way they want it to.

So far only Monkey boy is eating. I don't think it is too far along for the rest of them, though.

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