Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unique kitty quirks

Well, Em has decided that she will not eat ANYTHING tainted with raw food. She likes raw hamburger, so I bought some and mixed it in with her canned, figuring it would reduce the overall carb content and help her insulin need. Nope. I had tainted her food and come death and starvation she wasn't going to eat it!! This morning I offered her a little bit of yogurt, which she ate willingly. I put that on the side of the plate with her wet food, and she refuses to eat anything touching the yogurt. ugh!

She did like the package of salmon I bought for the kitties. Ate just about all of that last night. Her sugars were back up in the 400s that night.. Not really sure why.

She's lost some more weight. In the 12lb range now. I'm torn between trying to get her to eat less of the good food so she needs less insulin, or giving in to what she really wants, hoping that will put weight on her, and totally increasing her insulin need.

She also vomited again this morning. Don't know why. She did the other night too, but she vomited the pills I gave her (cosequin and herbs) so I could rationalize that. This morning's vomit seemed to contain raw, but I know she won't touch that. Maybe she snarfed a few pieces of the raw hamburger I put down as well. *shrug* who knows.

I have to say I wish there was a way to test her sugars without sticking her. She hates it. They say there is something on the horizon for human diabetics, but I bet by the time it comes out it will be too late for Em. Considering all she is currently going through, I don't think I'm realistic to think she'll make it to 20.. But man I'm still hoping. Although I have to admit I hate putting her through what she is currently going through. I know I'm just projecting.. She doesn't mind so much refusing the raw, or canned that is tainted raw.. She also doesn't seem to mind when her sugars are high. It's all me. Probably my fear of the end.

The curse of having kitties. That dreaded end.

So now I have to grab my rabbit ears and go take easter pictures for you all :)

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