Saturday, April 22, 2006

lost in confusion

Another Em post.. can you handle it?

Okay.. so again with another brief back story. Diabetic for 9 years. Eat dry food for most of that, with high readings and high insulin doses. Recently switched over to wet food, dramatic reduction in insulin need. Major weight loss during this time. Tried to get over on raw food. Ate for a while, then decided we were evil for offering it to her, and wouldn't eat it. More weight loss. Switched over to low carb high protein, (aka best food I could find that wasn't raw) canned Evo. She likes it. She takes WAY too long to eat though. Take a few bites, takes a break, takes a few more bites, takes a nap, takes a few more bites etc. We keep reminding her to eat until she stops all together.

I weighed her a few days ago, and she was 12 lbs 8 oz. I made a concerned effort to make sure she was eating as much as she possibly wanted. Tested her BG level constantly - adjusting insulin as needed... trying to keep her upper range in the 200s

Tested her this morning, we got 192. Not a bad reading.. Weighed her, got 12 lbs 7 oz. She is taking her sweet time eating this morning too.. although she is VERY VERY interested in my turkey bacon.. I keep breaking small bits off and putting it in her food.. bacon bits for kitties :D

Spoiled little tart..

So why is she still losing weight? Why are her sugars all over the freakin place? And what on earth do I do about it??

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