Monday, May 1, 2006

The Emmy Blog

Apparently, I should rename this thing. I have foster kittens, but they are doing so well I have so little to talk about...

Unlike Em.. who vomited again last night.. shortly after having a little snack, and now does not want breakfast. Her sugars were lower this morning.. so no food, no insulin.. she's just sleeping away on the bed, and is content to do so .. Offered her two types of food too. Hopefully when I get home from work today it will all be gone.

I am considering taking her to the vet, but I am thinking about waiting till she vomits again. It is so infrequent at this point. She did it the other morning, simply because she forgot there was food. She woke me up hurling bile, and when I went into the bathroom she begged for food. It was right there in front of her but it was like she didn't recognize it until I pointed it out.. at which point she shoveled it into her face. I am seriously starting to think her mind is completely gone. I have been joking that she was losing it for years.. but this, and I can no longer read her at all. I have no idea what she wants, and hubby suggested it was because she has no idea what she wants anymore. Breaks my heart.

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  1. Anonymous5:58 AM

    *hugs* that is so hard, connie. Have you thought about the possibility that Em is going blind? Seems she should be able to smell stuff, if she is, but it may be a combination of age and being unable to see. Anyway, just a thought. *hugs*


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