Tuesday, October 24, 2006

falling in love

I haven't posted about the kittens because I am falling head over heals for them. I do NOT want to let them go. I'm afraid if I spend even MORE time thinking about them I won't be able to.

Cruiser is doing VERY well. He's slow to put on weight, but he's an on the go - obnoxious kitten. His attitude tells me it is time for him to go, but his weight says otherwise.

Bruiser is a freakin doll. A total people person. I might even go so far as to say a momma's boy. He just wants to be loved.

Teddy... well he is such a belly boy. He loves to lay on his back and play with my fingers. We are still learning the difference between nibble and chomp. I would so keep him if he weren't promised to someone. (I'm glad this is a decision I do not have to make)

Naomi is still Naomi. we've kind of condensed her name to No-Mi, which she seems to respond to a little better. She is a terror, starting fights with her brothers, but she likes to sit off to the side and be admired.

The ears took to the cleaning, and there just seems to be debris left in it. it should work itself out in time. Cru and Ted have started getting stuffy, so I put them back on meds... that should be a quick one though, as we caught it early.

They were moved down into the basement on the 14th and they LOVE it. I hate it since I can't get the webcam working anymore. No cable outlets down there and the wireless just doesn't have enough power.



Bruiser - wanting to play more than get his photo taken


Obnoxiously cute but short video of Cruiser. Watch twice for full effect

Much longer video of Cru, with Teddy in the end

My own kitties are giving me a run for my money. Jack's ear was bad at the vets, and it only got worse. I didn't take care of it and he was shaking his head all over the place, and scratching at it. I finally cleaned it out and started medication, and he is feeling better. I cleaned it out again this morning, and I was amazed at the junk still in it. He's getting bigger, but his ears are still tiny. Using a q-tip is so very very hard, and it seems very uncomfortable for him, but there is a tiny fold of skin that needs to be cleaned under..

Em. Em is no longer attacking me to get me to feed her. Her weight is holding steady at 12lbs 2 oz. But she is still hurling from time to time. bubbly white to clear liquid. usually with some fur in it. *sigh* I hope this stops soon.

Muffin. Oh, my little garbage disposal is so cute and so sweet, but live with her for a while and you'll realize why I still think of her as my wolf in sheep's clothing. Last night she decided to hurl IN the bed. Her vomit contained Em's food. She got some bad diarrhea the other day, I think for the same reason.

Tweedle is still quite snotty, but the antihistamine I bought for her seems to be helping. Guess she'll be getting that for the rest of her life.

Ollie. He's been avoiding me lately. I found him without his collar.. bad kitty. I like collars on kitties. all except Muffin have breakaway collars. Muffin has a really cute one, but it buckles on, so I have it really loose.

Eli. Eli has been the strangest of all. He was so ticked at going back to the vet, that he has been avoiding us. He likes to be in the same room as us, but nowhere near our reach, and between us and the exit. I don't know why, but it appears the trauma to his eye is making it easier for him to keep his face clean. either that or he equates a bad eye with a trip to the vet and is making sure it is kept clean by whoever will clean it for him. I don't really care. He looks great.

I can not have seven cats, and by no means can I have ten!!

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  1. I LOVE THE VIDEOS!!!!!! I need to take some of my Kaguya and Kohana playing together ... they're so cute!!!


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