Wednesday, October 4, 2006


The vet took one look at Teddy, and prescribed Gentocin for it. He suggested drops, but the shelter only had ointment, so I took that. Put some in both eyes, and in the morning it was obvious it was working. Tuesday night I could start to see his right eye, but this morning I can actually say that his eyeball is obvious and it is there!! WHOO HOO!! His left eye is almost back to normal.

I tried to take pictures, but these kittens are so into getting attention that they do not sit still.

I am thrilled! Teddy had to be miserable because he didn't purr the entire week I was medicating him with tri-optic or terramycin, but after I put in the gentocin, he acted as if it stung for a few minutes, but then he started seeking out attention and wanted to be picked up. I picked him up, he started purring, and wrapped his paws around my neck.

Cruiser is still very very small. Both my hubby and I are falling hard for him. someone help us!

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