Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The fosters are all off medication at THIS point. Who knows if I'll have to start up again in a couple of days. They now have horrid ear mites.. so I'll be treating those tonight. They weren't thrilled with the ear cleaning last night.

I set up a webcam so I can watch them while I am at work. Unfortunately, they spend most of the workday sleeping. it's cesg.ww.com if you want to peek.

Eli's eye bugged me so much that I brought him back to the vet. The vet said he noticed his eye was like that during the vet visit. I thought he meant the scar on his eyes that caused the staining. *hangs head* I am such a bad mommy sometimes.. but hey.. Eli is so paranoid, I only get to pat him most days when I am half asleep. He said that Eli got it from another cat, and there is no need to medicate. thank goodness.

Em is still starving. I think being on the medication to fix it is making it worse. They say it can take up to a month to settle, so we'll keep going. I hope it settles out soon, cause I feel horrid not giving her food 24-7.

Jack seems to be filling out and getting bigger. He looks a lot like a lion now. He still has his screak of a meow.. very un-lion like. But that is ok. Jack has taken up Em's job of sleeping on me at night. I am so in love with that cat.

Will have to try to get some more pictures tonight. Will probably move them down to the official kitten room this weekend.. after I scrub it with lots and lots of bleach. *sigh*

I wonder how Kenny is doing. They went in a week ago Monday for adoption. Bug was adopted right away, Shirley went home on Saturday. When I stopped in Kenny and Willie were left. I know Willie will go, but because of Kenny's poop issues, I fear he will never be adopted. Please pray that the right home will come for him. (or already has)

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