Monday, October 2, 2006

and I thought transporting six cats and rabbit was fun

Saturday I stopped in the shelter to show them Teddy's eye. It is getting worse and worse. I was told, "I've seen worse" and was sent home to continue the current medication that is not helping.

I was so furious, that I didn't get more food, which the grey kitties needed.

So Sunday I had some errands to run, so I stopped by the shelter again and picked up some food. There was no one in the lobby when I first walked through. I went straight to the back room where the food is kept. I collected a box, went out the back door, and on my way to the car I noticed that one of the cans was open and smelled bad.

I was so furious with the shelter, I almost threw the can on the lawn and drove off, but I couldn't do that. So I brought the can inside to throw away. On my way in, I met up with the foster coordinator, and she asked how the kittens were doing. I said "Bad" and kept walking towards the trash can. She asked a few more questions, and I explained what I meant, and my trip on Thursday, and Saturday, and she was concerned and ask that I bring them in to be looked at on Monday (today).

I reminded her for the third time that the grey kittens were ready to be neutered, and she said to bring them in as well.

So I ran down first thing this morning, gave the grey kitties food. I noticed a strong poop smell but just assumed that mom had just used the litter box. I went up, did my morning routine, and went back to pack them up. Well, I noticed poop dribbles all over the room. I checked the kittens as I packed them up, and found Kenny COVERED in poop. Poor thing. So I threw three kittens in one carrier, then got one of my carriers and put mom and Kenny in that one... cause I was pretty sure they wouldn't all fit in one. Brought them up, put them in the car, then went and got the babies, and put them in the car, and drove over to the shelter.

I weighed the greys, and believe it or not, Willie was the biggest of the bunch. a full pound more than he should have been for going up for adoption.. but that is okay. They are cute enough they'll work their charms.

I don't know what is up with Kenny though. I feel so bad for him. I still fear that he will be PTS because no one will want to deal with his issues (not being able to fully evacuate his stool, so it follows him around for a while till it falls off) I don't know why he had the runs last night. it was pretty bad. I just don't know.

The babies are the same. I weighed Cruiser last night, and he hadn't gained any more weight. I don't know why he eats very well. Bruiser put on some. Naomi has always been fine. Poor Teddy's eyes were a freakin mess. I know they can't fix them overnight, but I hope they can give me SOMETHING. I went to the store to get some lysine, but all they had were pills. I need to stop at the health food store and see if they have capsules.


I'm still mad at the shelter, but not so much the shelter as a whole.. just a few staff that didn't take me seriously the first four times I brought kittens in there to them.

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