Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I do have happy kitten news

I promise, but unfortunately this isn't it. I have cute photos at home, and I'll post them soon, I promise.

This post is about Em again. I think this is more for me to have a record of things that are happening with her, that and it helps to write it down so it doesn't fester as much in the back of my mind.

This morning was interesting.. she was up exploring the house. She still insists on going down into the basement on a regular basis. she doesn't stay down there long, so I think she's just using the litter box and coming back up. why?? there is a litter box in her bathroom now.. but what ever. I'm sure the stairs are doing her good.. exercise and all. She was bright and alert, and not at all interested in getting her blood sugars tested. She sat there for me, but I could tell all she wanted was the treats that come afterwards. I also gave her the rest of the bag of fluids we were working on. She sat nicely for me for that.. but we were cuddled up on the bed, so that might have had something to do with it.

The negative... her eye was full of goop. A thick opaque substance. I think her eye lining, the conjunctiva, is a little swollen too. I gave her another drop of the eye drops the vet prescribed, despite having just given them to her yesterday. I fear they cause episodes in her, but I couldn't let her eye look like that. I put a warm compress on it and by the time the fluids were in her, her eye was much better.

I get the distinct feeling from her that the end is weeks away.. she is so not ready to go. I'm tempted to talk to Dawn again (the animal communicator) and see if she gets that same impression. Its just hard when she fights me every time I try to clean up her face or open up her nose from where the drainage blocked it..

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