Friday, June 29, 2007

I love Cheezburger

It makes me giggle.

Em is doing good, and bad at the same time. Its bizzare. The good - she's eating like a horse, interested, bright eyed, and purring when getting love. the bad is that eye is HORRIBLE!! the tears aren't flowing back in, so they spill out all over her face. the goop is covering her eye, and flowing to the outside, making the whole thing look horrid. She is contstantly trying to clean it with her paw, which is also getting covered.

She didn't mind her paw getting cleaned, but she hates it when I wash her face. I think it hurts. Warm water is easiest, but I think that hurts more, as I tried luke warm water and she was easier to handle. I put her eye drops in the fridge, and she didn't hate that.. *shrug* Hopefully the antibiotics will help her.. she got her third dose this morning. Will have to give her some more fluids soon..

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