Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kittens first bath

Well then.. lets see. The kittens are doing very well pooping on their own, unfortunately with free run of the entire room, they figure as long as they aren't pooping where they sleep or play, all is good. So I have had to resort to locking them in my cage for the time being. It is a two story cage, with two doors, so I have left the top door open for the moms to jump in and out. The kittens all used the box very well last night, then once they were out started going on the floor!! arrgh.

Noticed their, and the mom's, poop is VERY soft, so we did kitten's first dewormer tonight, and a booster for the moms.

So soft poop, and dewormer, led to very messy kittens, so I packed them all up and brought them upstairs for a quick bath. It was so cute. They stood around my feet the entire time. Buddy crawled up my leg, Tilly crawled up my leg, up my shirt and stood on my back! :)

They all did really well. Nina didn't like it the most.. or should I say liked it the least. Everyone else was like... oh hey.. I'm all wet. Oscar gave me those big puss'n boots eyes from Shrek.. it was very adorable.

Maybe it's mean of me, but I just LOVE giving baths to kittens.. the more I do it, the more the kitties seem to like water in the end. My first set of fosters were very messy and got lots of baths, my sister adopted one and tells me that their kitty is in the shower with them a lot :)

Everyone is doing well. Small little teeth that look like baby vampires :) they are all very human dependant too. When ever I'm in there I'm covered. I love it.

Em had a micro bleed tonight. I was trying to get her back down to 5mg of pred, I guess she really needs the 7.5, She seemed very tired tonight, but very interested in attention, and dinner.. Even went out for a few minutes..

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