Monday, August 20, 2007

Even MORE kittens

Yes, I am insane. my poor resident cats are worried about me. I brought home another group of five. Two older ones about four weeks old, three younger ones about three weeks old.

I set them up in a cage in my office, and set up a web cam to watch them while I'm at work :)

they are constantly hungry, and fight each other for food. the younger ones are very much into getting attention, but the older ones not so much. Only one girl in the bunch..

they do keep me distracted from wanting to adopt from the May fosters, but not by much. Went down last night to cuddle with them, and Tilly let me cuddle her for what felt like hours.. Cinnamon wanted in on the action too, and we cuddled with her. *sigh* I do want to keep them all..

I had someone email me intersted in adopting the mothers. We set up a time for her to come down and meet with them, but then she never showed... well at least my house got cleaned. I'm thinking next week they will be ready to go back. I pray that just the right family comes along and takes them. Not that I don't wish that for the kittens too - especially Tilly.. but those moms have been through so much, they deserve a little pampering..

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