Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I can NOT adopt a new kitten

Oh my goodness I want to though. Buddy (the tiger) really LOVES playing with my cats. Every time we open the door he bolts out to attack someone. Eli loves him, Tweedle LOVES him, even Jack doesn't hiss at him. He's quite beautiful, almost looks like a bengal at this stage..
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I however love both Cinnamon and Tilly. Both of who do not love my cats.. so do I adopt a cat for my cats?? or do I adopt to fill a hole in my heart, or do i remember that losing a cat is so incredibly painful and wait to put a little more time between my 3 yr old baby and a new addition. Jack, Muffin and Eli are all about the same age, with Twee only being a year and a half behind them.

sigh. Twee really LOVES Buddy though. DH and I joked that she wants to adopt him, and she'll have to go down and "sign" the adoption papers with a paw print :)

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