Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Licorice

Well I gave him some more canned food last night. Mixed some Vit E and some minerals in it, and he ate about half of it. I opened up another can and gave that to him for the night. He ate maybe 3/4ths of all the food I gave him. I threw out the dry, and gave him more of that and another can of wet this morning.

Tried to get more of the matts off him last night. I was being agressive because they really irk me. I swear I have a problem, I just can't let things like that exist. Eye goobers, dirty ears, and mats.. all have to go! Well he kept getting frustrated with me, and at one point wrapped his teeth very gently around my wrist. This boy was owned and taught well prior to his coming to the shelter. I hope his owners aren't missing him too much. Not much that can be done on that front. He's been in the shelter since October.. if they haven't come looking for him by now...

Since he was quite clear he didn't want any more help, I'm going to give him a day off. No mat picking tonight.. which is going to be HARD for me. Even this morning I wanted to pull out some of the looser ones..

The pile of fur I've gotten off him so far

a few glamour shots

Trying to show his bare neck

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