Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rebuilding Trust

Well Licorice is annoyed with me. Didn't trust that i wouldn't try to take matts off him last night, so he wouldn't sit with me. We did find out that he is a chase kitty though. Although he's too smart to get a good chase game in, because he kept jumping over the ottoman.. *rolls eyes*

also was NOT interested in the raw. Good for my budget, but not so good for him. He is ditching the dry for fancy feast though. That is something. I weighed him yesterday.. which was not easy. seems to have gone down a bit... I weighed the fur, which was 1/2 an ounce.. not enough to account for the suspected loss. Not going to worry about it for a few more days.. could have just been the time of day etc

This morning I put down another can of FF, and he was VERY interested. got right into it. I was able to pull a few small mats off him with out too much of a problem. at this rate I MIGHT have them all out by the time he is to go back. I was considering asking them to sedate him and shave him down.. but I know they don't much like investing the money in that... and with his suspected health issues.. *shrug* who knows. I am going to try to get them to shave his belly though. no way on earth he's going to let me do that. Maybe next week or the week after.. depending on how things go.

I am getting another boarder. My husband's aunt's cat was going to board with us last year, but she ended up finding him a new home. Well she missed him so much she got another cat.(don't get me started - she's a nice older lady who thought she was doing what was best) Anyway.. guess she assumed that last years offer transfered to this year because I got an email saying we could pick him up in a couple of weeks.. um.. ok. Not that I mind one little bit.. it was just weird on my end. Had to check with DH to make sure he didn't talk to her and I didn't know about it. Not quite sure what we are going to do with her cat (not even sure of his name!) probably set up in my office - which is what we did with Teddy and Gypsy.. we'll see.

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