Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I love my kitties..

but some times I wish they didn't love me SOOO much.

Yesterday I woke up to Kit sleeping right next to my left shoulder. I turned a little bit in my sleep, and she reached out and patted my face. Uber sweet no? I loved it. Well moments later Muffin - realizing I was awake - plomped herself on my chest and started giving me a facial. Jack had been on my chest, but he moved when the Diva came and sat on my pillows. Tweedle then showed up and started SCREAMING at me. I have no idea why she does it.. she's just a screamer.

This morning.. no cute wake up by Kit, but pretty much the same routine. Although after I got screamed at, Kit wanted me to throw her mouse for her. Well she didn't bring me a mouse to throw, so I mentioned that, and off she went to get one. She came back and we had a few minutes of fetch before Muffin decided I was moving around too much and ran Kit off.

Guess Kit has forgiven me for letting Spud go.

Speaking of Spud... I haven't heard from his new owner yet.. despite her assurances that she'd email me. *sigh* I wish they wouldn't do that if they aren't going to..

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  1. YAY! I found your blog again! now I can read about kittehs!!!


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